Room temperature control

Air conditioning and heating systems for guaranteeing ambient conditions

In addition to ensuring that the systems are rated correctly, it is important to ensure that the system is tailored to the needs of the customer, and that it is installed in the correctly location, as well as making a careful syudy of the climatic conditions and the degree of temperature accuracy inside the premises.

Our company, which has been on the market for over forty years, is specialized in the following systems and plant:


  • Centralized systems with variable coolant flow rate (consisting of one or more external units equipped with inverter technology connected to multiple independent internal units; the system modulates the power of the compressors according to the needs of the individual internal machines, resulting in savings in consumption)
  • Heating and air conditioning systems that use hydronic systems to drive fan coils, air treatment units, air heaters and strip heaters
  • Thermal and refrigeration plants for the production of hot and cold water
  • Free-cooling systems that use external air for the cooling of the production sheds (during night time the outside temperatures are lower than the internal temperatures) with relative energy saving on air conditioning
  • Air conditioning and combustion air treatment systems for engine test cells and for high-temperature cells (the temperature of the input air may be regulated according to the tests to be performed)
  • Precision air conditioning for standards laboratories, Date Centre and UPS rooms (maintaining and controlling the room temperature)
  • Air-conditioning air distribution ducts
  • Air conditioning in sterile environments, operating theatres, analysis laboratories
  • Static Conditioning for Explosive Material Depots
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems for military residential units (container) with motorized safety systems
  • Pressurization and air conditioning systems for motorway toll booths

For more information on our temperature control systems and services, please contact Aertecnica ITT by calling +39 011 9662444.

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