Military sector and special applications

Military sector

The cutting edge of AERTECNICA ITT's activities is represented by the systems it designs and develops for special projects.This branch of the company, which represents a synthesis of the experience and know-how acquired in the production of aeroulic systems for a vast range of applications, designs and builds fully customised plant and systems.The projects, which are developed on the basis of our customers' requests, are designed to fulfill innovative functions, differing significantly from the pre-assembled and production models.Examples of the systems produced by this special department of the company include plant designed for military use, including static conditioning units for ammunition depots and pressurisation systems for military containers.The department has also developed applications fro the civilian sector, such as the ventilation and air conditioning systems for Motorway toll booths, Data Centre and Local UPS rooms.

See below for some examples of our plant and systems developed for the Military and Special Applications sector

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