Industrial/automotive sector

Industrial/Automotive Sector

Thanks to our solid experience in the Automotive sector, at AERTECNICA ITT we are able to manufacture dedicated aeroulic systems for use during the main car manufacturing and assembly processes.Hot water treatment, super-heated steam, and thermoventilation systems are just a few examples of the applications of the technologies and solutions developed by the company.The company has particularly extensive experience in the manufacture of plant for paint spray booths and Engine Test Cells(controlled temperature combustion air).In addition to the automotive sector, AERTECNICA ITT also produces plant and systems for industrial applications in general, developing room temperature aeraulic and control solutions for the aeronautical and metalworking (such as mold production) sectors.Equally important is the experience gained in the manufacture of systems for the energy production, textiles, chemical and naval sectors.

See below for some examples of our plant and systems developed for the Industrial and Automotive sector

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