Humidity control

Air humidification and dehumidification

In addition to the correct temperature, it is necessary to regulate the relative humidity levels when processing certain products, and within working environments in general.This is particularly important in standards laboratories, data centres, inside laboratories, operating theatres and any other environment where it is necessary to carry out precision operations.

Humidification may be achieved by using steam generators (with immersed electrodes, resistors, etc.) or by using water (spraying systems and evaporative packs).Dehumidify means "drying the air" by removing the excess moisture contained therein.

Aertecnica ITT designs and provides "tailor-made" ssytems for controlling air humidity and / or environments.

For more information about our air humidification and dehumidification systems and services, contact AERTECNICA ITT by calling 011 9662444.

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