Ventilation and heat recovery

Heat recovery

It is inevitable that expelling air from the environment to the surrounding atmosphere will also result in the dispersion of the heat present within the environment.The recovery of heat from the expelled air results in a considerable energy saving as it permits the thermal energy from the extracted air to be transferred to the air drawn from the external environment.

Heat may be recovered from:

  • Air/air spoiled air extraction plants (recovered heat from the expelled air is transferred to the refurbished air) by means of installation of cross-flow recuperators or rotary recuperators;
  • Industrial boiler expulsion units with air/water systems (by installing recovery batteries on the expulsion chimneys)

In the event of insufficient space for the ducts, or large distances between the expulsion point and the external air intake points, it is also possible to recover heat by means of a series of (water) recovery batteries, connected together by a closed loop system.

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