Fluid distribution

Technological systems for fluid distribution

Fluid distribution

The term "TECNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS" includes all industrial piping activities at the service of the following mechanical plant:

  • Compressed air distribution networks and the associated generator units
  • Fire-prevention networks for extinguisher systems and pumping systems
  • Methane gas distribution networks
  • Super-heated steam and water distribution networks for heating systems and production and process machinery.
  • Gas distribution networks, fuel distribution networks for engine test cells
  • Hot and cold water distribution networks for air conditioning systems and process systems for production machinery and equipment.
  • Cooling gas distribution networks for air conditioning systems

Our company is able to manufacture the above mentioned systems using materials that meet the customer's specifications (black, galvanized, or stainless steel, copper, polyethylene etc.) with suitable equipment and highly qualified personnel with the certifications required by applicable regulations

For more information on the available technological fluid distribution systems, please contact Aertecnica ITT by calling +39 011 966244.

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