Fields of application

Technological facilities for the food, pharmaceutical, hospital, automotive, commercial and military industries

The AERTECNICA ITT company produces customised systems capable of meeting the principal needs of a wide range of production and commercial sectors in all parts of the country.
We have extensive experience of producing technological systems for the food industry, in particular the dairy, confectionery, pasta and bakery product sectors.
We also have an important market share in the industrial and in particular in the automotive sector, manufacturing systems for use engine testing cells, standards laboratories, aspirated work benches, and exhaust gas extraction systems that require the implementation of numerous solutions and business know-how.
Other areas include the pharmaceutical and hospital sector, which requires systems capable of providing rigorous temperature and humidity control and filtering of environments such as cleanrooms, analysis laboratories and operating threatres.
AERTECNICA ITT also provides systems for exhibitions, business and commerical spaces, museums, trade fairs and receptions.
Lastly, the company also exploits its most experience and know-how to produce new and innovative projects for both military and civilian applications.


Food Sector
Industrial | Automotive Sector
Pharmaceutical Sector
Commercial Sector
Hospital Sector
Military Sector | Special Applications
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