AERTECNICA ITTsrl has been present on the Italian market for over 40 years; the company was founded in 1974 under the name " ITT IMPIANTI TECNOLOGICI TORINO" by a young designer who had gained his experienced developing heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for a leading company in the sector at the time.

Since 1974, a family passion that has been handed down from father to son, with the same seriousness, professionalism and commitment, and a comittment to constant improvement and innovation innovation.

The choices and decisions made over the intervening years have enabled the company to grow and develop, extending its experience and expertise to cover the Industrial, Commercial and Hospital ectors.The company now boasts an extensive, nationwide customer base for uts:
Air conditioning systems, heating systems, super-heated water systems, Vventilation and extraction systems, technical plant, refrigerated water systems, steam systems, fire prevention systems, and air conditioning systemsas well as temperature and humidity control systems for special applications.

AERTECNICA ITT srl designs, constructsand installsall its systems in-house and employs a professional, highly-skilled team of designers, site managers and operatives.

The company has always taken a proactive approach with its customers, playing the role of partner in the design process, and placing particular importance on the initial, discussion stages, which are indispensable for the formation of the definitive technological solutions.

For AERTECNICA ITT srl there is no such thing as a standard plant, ": we respond to each request we receive by holding structured discussions together with the customer, followed by an inspection at the installation site.This enables us to acquire all the information necessary to study, analyze and, finally, submit our proposal for a "customised" plant,featuring state-of-the-art technical specifications, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Mission statement

At AERTECNICA ITTsrl our mission is:

  • to maintain the tradition " designing and building systems" that satisfy our customers' requirments, keeping their premises warm in winter, and cool in summer
  • to maintain our traditional values of professionalism, qualityand precision and communicate them to all our employees
  • Maintain and expand the certificationswe currently old (SOA OG 11 III BIS, ISO 9001 2008) with the aim of developing more and more high-tech plant engineering projects for new partners, such as the military, food and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Work side-by-side with our customers, provide a rapid response to requests for new projects, modifications, or additional information on finished projects
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